Although we are now living longer than ever before, it seems that the quality of our health has been gradually deteriorating. Common causes are: increased pressure and stress, longer working hours, lack of exercise, increased exposure to pollution and chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, living in modern and congested environments, etc.

Our highly specialised and increasingly hectic world seems to have separated us from a healthy mode of living that is in tune with our natural environment. Finding the correct balance between all of the various aspects of our lives is becoming more and more difficult and we are finding ourselves frequently having to juggle competing demands. At times, it seems that the fragile state of the human body is simply unable to cope. Thus, it seems that the body and mind are often in need of some support whilst traveling along the path of life. Natural therapies utilize the body's own natural resources to heal itself with a little help from nature.

Health From The Earth offers treatments and consultations in the following modalities:


“Health depends on a state of equilibrium among the various factors that govern the operation of the body and the mind.” Hippocrates

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