Michael Koutsoukis - Homoeopath and Herbalist
Michael Koutsoukis runs the Health From The Earth clinic.

Michael is dedicated to promoting good health in the bodies and minds of his clients and thoroughly enjoys having the opportunity to be able to work with each of them as a whole person. With qualifications in Homoeopathy, Botanical (Herbal) Medicine, Nutrition and Sports Nutrition, he uses a holistic approach to guide you on becoming in tune with your own healing and can help you rebalance yourself with nature.

As a holistic practitioner, Michael is committed to helping you to become healthier in general, thus enabling you to prevent sickness and disease as well as treating specific diseases or ailments.

Michael has been passionate about natural therapies and has engaged in a mode of living in accord with natural laws for many years. His increasing interest in natural therapies over the years has stemmed from successful treatments of many stubborn cases.

Having a family of his own, Michael understands the pressures of today’s hectic world where most people are exceedingly busy and stressed and trying to bring back some balance into their lives. That is why he believes that it is very important to tailor the treatments to the needs of his clients. His aim is to ensure that his treatments are suitable and relevant to each client he sees. Michael believes that strict regiments are rarely the best option for most people in the long term. Major changes in people’s lifestyles usually requires a gradual shift if we plan to alter our long term habits.

Michael is registered with:
The National Herbalists Association (NHAA)

Australian Homoeopathic Association Inc. (AHA)

Australian Register of Homoeopaths Ltd (AROH)

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