The Homoeopathic system of medicine has flourished for almost two centuries and is fast becoming the preferred mode of healing throughout the world. Homoeopathy was founded by a German Physician, Botanist and Chemist, Samuel Hahnemann who based his life’s work on finding gentler and longer acting medicines. He researched extensively on medicines and the nature and cause of chronic disease. This led him to discover the principle of 'like cures like', which is the foundation of homoeopathic philosophy. The basis of homoeopathy is that the most successful remedy will be one whose symptomatology presents the closest resemblance to the symptoms presented by the patient.

Here are some examples:

Homoeopaths first test a substance for medicinal use by giving it to healthy volunteers and then noting the symptoms produced. The common symptoms that present themselves are the ones that the remedy will be used to treat. It is the dilution of homoeopathic medicines which has been the greatest obstacle to their more universal acceptance. The theory is that a “memory”, “resonance” or “template” remains in the water after the molecules of the original substance have been diluted out.

Homoeopathy is a safe, gentle, holistic and easy to administer scientific system of medicine. It may be used to treat both acute and chronic disorders, however, its greatest utility lies in its successful treatment of many chronic illnesses that are usually difficult to manage with other therapeutic methods. It is suitable for everybody, young and old (including babies and pregnant women) and also animals. The medicines are virtually tasteless, non-toxic, non habit forming and safe to use with other medications. Homoeopathy is one of only a few truly holistic systems of medicine. It treats the whole person by addressing all of the symptoms experienced. Just as a single toxic substance can cause an array of symptoms, such as nausea, diarrhoea, vertigo, headaches etc., likewise homoeopathic remedies can treat all of these symptoms simultaneously. It can help to eradicate disease from its roots, thus having deeper and longer acting benefits. Its basic aim is to stimulate and strengthen our intrinsic defence and curative mechanisms (the vital force). The treatments are tailored based on the particular symptoms presented and the personal circumstances of each individual.

Although a disease may be labeled and a specific diagnosis made, additional symptoms will also be present. These vary from case to case and are, therefore, unique to each individual. The orthodox doctor usually dismisses these vital symptoms as unimportant in the case, but to the homoeopath, these are the vital clues to establishing the most dependable medicine to be used in the case. Even in well-defined diseases, e.g. arthritis and asthma, each case needs to be considered individually as no two cases are ever identical. The signs and symptoms are modified by the reaction of the patient him/herself.

Homoeopathy can be used to treat most medicinal problems including:


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