Herbal medicine has been successfully used to treat people’s medical ailments since pre-historic times. Herbal medicine uses plants to treat or prevent illness and to encourage the body to heal itself. Some can also nourish the body to improve general health and well-being. Refinement from trial and error of the use of herbs over thousands of years has enabled us to create detailed pictures of the actions and applications of plant medicines.

Herbal medicine has never been more popular than it is today. More and more people are turning away from mainstream medicine, with it’s over-reliance on pharmaceutical products, with their countless side effects, and opting for kinder alternatives. Many of the pharmaceutical medicines used today are derived from plant products or are artificially produced plant chemicals. However, once chemists extract isolated parts from plants, they lose their natural balancing and regulating effects. For example, meadowsweet used as an anti-inflammatory or in fever, does not have the stomach-irritating side effects associated with aspirin. It seems that nature has provided us with well formulated medicines that we can pick straight from our gardens!

Herbalists treat the whole person individually and not just disease states or symptoms. Two people could visit the same herbalist, with the same labeled medical condition, but be given totally different prescriptions. There are many variables within each individual, such as their state of vitality, other medications being used concomitantly, whether the condition is acute or chronic, medical history, personal aggravations and ameliorations etc. Each herbal medicine has multiple actions and active constituents, so it is the herbalists’ job to carefully establish which of the thousands of herbs available will best suit the individual presented before them. Mixtures of herbs are dispensed containing a few select herbs, uniquely formulated to best suit the therapeutic requirements of each individual. Health From The Earth obtains its medicines from the most reputable Australian manufacturers to ensure that the efficacy, quality and reliability of the medicines is assured at all times. Some herbal medicines may be contra-indicated for certain individuals, for example pregnant women or lactating mothers. Consideration is also given to any other medications that the patient may currently be taking, to ensure that the herbal medicines prescribed do not interfere with them. Some herbal medicines may produce side effects in the incorrect dose. Thus, herbal preparations must be tailored to the needs of each individual and only prescribed by professional and appropriately registered practitioners.

Michael Koutsoukis and the Health From The Earth clinic is registered with The National Herbalists Association of Australia (NHAA).

“The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth; and he that is wise will not abhor them”. Ecclesiasticus 38: 4

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